5 Ring designs best suited with sapphire gemstones

They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but they might not have seen a woman wearing a sapphire ring. Here we have come up with 5 designs of sapphire rings that will make you buy one.

5 ring designs best suited with sapphire

The below-mentioned sapphire rings are the best designs that you can opt for in your wedding or engagement.

Antique sapphire rings

Antique sapphire rings have become popular among both celebrities and common people. The antique ring designs such as square, round or oval sapphires that are surrounded by melee diamonds give an antique look. Both the traditional sapphire rings and the new rings that are influenced by the traditional designs are in substantial demand with their amazing look. The demand for antique blue sapphire rings shall never be obsolete, rather their popularity is increasing with time. Antique sapphire rings

Engagement sapphire rings

The best thing someone can offer while proposing their love is the sapphire engagement ring. Do you know the meaning of the sapphire engagement ring? It means honesty, faithfulness, and sincerity. It is believed that engagement sapphire rings good fortune for the couple and keeps their relationship healthy and full of love. The most popular designs of engagement rings are usually halo rings. Along with old-fashioned oval and square-designed sapphire rings, contemporary engagement rings with the latest designs such as heart-shaped, pear-shaped, or oval rings look equally stunning. If you are from London and have an interest in gemstones, you might know that sapphire engagement rings hatton garden delivers the best designs of rings.

Sapphire wedding rings

When it comes to wedding rings, it is not confined to just women, as these rings are made for both men and women. Moreover, the shape of men’s rings is mostly round, oval, rectangle, and square. Unlike women’s wedding rings, rings for men don’t hold diamonds on the sides of the sapphire. Platinum sapphire rings are popular among men. The wedding rings of women are also incredibly beautiful. The rich designs of wedding sapphire rings look remarkably gorgeous. The flower-shaped sapphire rings are truly meant for weddings and it adds a charm to the bride’s look. Wedding rings are usually worn once, so one should buy an elegantly designed sapphire wedding ring for their better half.

Vintage sapphire ring 

Vintage sapphire rings might not be as traditional as antique rings but these rings are also priceless and look incredibly beautiful when worn. Sapphire itself has a charm that can make rings of any design beautiful. There are many unique designs of vintage sapphire rings that will blow every woman’s mind.

Sapphire gold ring designs

Though sapphire gold rings are comparatively less seen than platinum and diamond-studded sapphire rings, their beauty cannot be ignored. Sapphire gold rings come in unique designs. Sapphire gold rings are usually made with 18 KT gold. Gold rings have a unique charm of their own, and when sapphire gets attached to them, its beauty doubles. The designs of the sapphire gold rings studded with lab grown diamonds are usually round and square and they look classy in any hand.

Sapphire is considered the most precious gemstone. Its beauty makes it evergreen and hence women from every generation have a desire to buy them.