9 Tips For Summer-Proof Makeup

Wanting to look good and experiment with different looks has nothing to do with the season. But alas, summer makes things very difficult for all makeup lovers. Spending hours trying to get ready only to have it all swept up by scorching heat and sweat is a sad affair. Nevertheless, there is no need to feel disappointed and lose heart over it. We have listed ten proven tips for summer-proof makeup that will help beginners and professionals. You would need nothing more than essential items like mascara, foundation, etc.

1. Start with skincare

Following a proper skincare routine before applying makeup will protect your skin, make it look healthier naturally and aid in smoother makeup application. Lightweight moisturisers are better than heavy foundations for sweat-proofing your makeup. Heavy creams can make your face feel uncomfortable, cakey, and oily. A mild moisturiser can avoid clogged pores and oily skin all day long. Follow up the moisturiser with a light gel sunscreen. It will protect the skin from UV rays and act as a barrier that prevents the oil from surfacing and smudging the makeup. You can look for tinted sunscreen to get a flawless makeup base. Try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3 In 1 Matte-Look Daily Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++ for optimum sun protection and instant BB glow. 

2. Switch to matte powders.

Using a heavy compact can be a big mistake on a sweaty afternoon. The best alternative is a matte powder like Lotus Makeup Ecostay Ideal Finish Pressed Powder. This excellent makeup product soaks sweat and excess oil, stopping them from surfacing. 

3. Skip napkins and go for blotting papers

Napkins and wet wipes are the go-to options during summer, but unfortunately, they tend to mess up all the hard work you put into your makeup. Thus, it is best to avoid them and go straight to blotting papers instead. Pressing them lightly on your skin can help soak in all the sweat and oil leaving your makeup intact.

4. Sweat-proof eyeliners

Imagine arriving at some special occasion with smudged and leaking eyeliner. Isn’t that horrifying? Thus, it is advisable to go for waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners. They do not smudge and stay put for long hours. Try Lotus Makeup Ecostay Longlasting Gel Eye Definer – Mega Black that allows clean strokes with just one application. This formula is free of paraffin and preservatives. Instead, it is enriched with macadamia oil that is exceptionally nourishing and hydrating.

5. Choose a waterproof mascara.

There is no alternative to waterproof formulas when the question is how to summer-proof eye makeup. Go for waterproof long-stay mascara like Lotus Makeup Maxlash Botanical Mascara – Black. It has a no-clump, waterproof, and smudge-proof formula that instantly amplifies lashes while conditioning, volumising, and extending them. 

6. Prefer powder eyeshadows

Summer days can be a real challenge, especially if you have to spend them outdoors. Deep-hued crème-based eye shadows can make things more difficult. Replacing them with a powder-based eye shadow would be the best bet. They tend to help soak up excess sweat and oil. Start by putting on a bit of primer, and then go for a pastel eye shadow shade. It can make you look lively and as fresh as a daisy, even on the hottest summer days.

7. Bleed-proof your lipstick

It is no secret that summer is all about bright and vibrant colours. You always go for a nice-shaded top or bag, so why not do the same with your lip colour? However, heavy lipsticks can be your doom as they can crack up or bleed under the scorching heat. Thus, it’s advisable to look for a premium quality transfer-proof lipstick that will stay put and not melt away. After applying the lipstick, keep a tissue paper over the lips and dab it with a compact. It will make your lipstick transfer-proof and prevent it from bleeding. Alternatively, you can also look for coloured lip balms. They provide sun protection with SPF and hydration and can be reapplied anytime. 

8. Skip the sparkles

Spending time outdoors during hot weather means a lot of sweat and oil, eventually making your face oily and shiny. When topped off with sparkles and shimmers, everything starts to look too much and should therefore be avoided.

9. Top off with a setting spray

Setting spray is an essential makeup product during the summer season. It comes like a blessing and is a fantastic product to make your makeup summer-proof. This helps lock the makeup products and prevents sweat from ruining them. 


Makeup is more than just about looking pretty. Most people believe it gives them confidence and boosts their morale, so it must stay intact instead of getting smudged. Thus, with the help of the tips mentioned above, along with some mascara, moisturiser, spray, etc., anyone can pull it off without any hassle.