A Guide To Indian Visa Requirements For Bolivia And Colombia

Foreigners traveling to Bolivia, Colombia and other countries may need an Indian Visa depending on their nationality. INDIAN VISA FOR BOLIVIA CITIZENS

Why is India requiring a visa for Bolivia?

Some of the reasons why India is requiring a visa for Bolivia include that Bolivia is a member of the Andean Community, which is an organization made up of seven South American countries, and that Bolivia has strong ties with India. Additionally, India has concerns about terrorism and extremist activities in Bolivia.

What are the requirements of applying for a Bolivian Visa?

The requirements for a Bolivian visa depend on the purpose of your trip. A visa must be obtained prior to arrival in Bolivia. INDIAN VISA FOR COLOMBIA CITIZENS

For tourists, the most common type of visa is a tourist visa which allows visitors to stay for 90 days and visit only the specified tourist destinations.

Business visitors require a business visa which is valid for one year and allows visitors to work in Bolivia.

Students require an academic visa which is valid for one year and allows students to study at any accredited Bolivian university or college.

Lastly, refugees require a humanitarian visa which is valid for one year and allows refugees to live and work in Bolivia.

How much does it cost to apply for an Indian Visa in Bolivia?

Short answer: It depends.

Long Answer:

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to applying for an Indian visa in Bolivia.

The cost of an Indian visa can depend on a few factors, such as the country of origin, your nationality, and the type of visa you’re applying for.

Generally speaking, though, an Indian visa application will likely cost between $60 and $200.

Requirements and costs of applying for a Colombian Visa in India

If you are planning to visit Colombia, then you will likely need a visa. However, the requirements and costs of applying for a Colombian visa vary depending on your nationality.

To apply for a Colombian visa in India, you will first need to submit an application form to the Colombian consulate. The application fee is $60 USD. The consulate will then process your application and send you a visa approval letter. Once you receive the approval letter, you can travel to Colombia and apply for your visa at the border. The visa fees for Bolivians and Colombians are different, so it is important to check with the Colombian consulate before traveling to Colombia.

The average cost of a Colombian visa is $160 USD. However, this price varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your nationality. For example, Bolivian citizens have to pay less than Colombians do for certain types of visas.

The fastest way to obtain a Colombian visa is through an online service. These services charge a fee, but they usually offer faster processing times than traditional methods.


If you’re planning on traveling to Bolivia or Colombia, it’s important that you know the visa requirements for those countries. In this guide, we will outline everything you need to know about Bolivia and Colombia’s visa requirements, so that your trip goes as planned and you don’t encounter any problems along the way.INDIAN VISA FOR BOLIVIA CITIZENS