Applying for a Canada Visa as a Portuguese or Dutch Citizen

If you’re a citizen of the Netherlands or Portugal and want to apply for an entry visa to Canada, you’ll need to provide information about your trip, including the date of your travel, the purpose of your trip, and how long you’ll be staying. You’ll also need to provide information about why you cannot enter Canada using your valid United States of America visa if you have one. If you live in the Netherlands or Portugal, here are the forms and documents that you’ll need to complete your Canada Visa for Dutch Citizens or Portuguese citizen.

General Requirements

Individuals who are not Canadian citizens but have an approved Canada visa application will need to travel to Canada on an appropriate travel document, typically a passport. Citizens of some countries must first obtain a temporary resident visa before traveling to Canada. As well, Canadian permanent residents (Landed Immigrants) and Canadian citizens must always present their valid Permanent Resident Card or Canadian Passport when entering Canada. A passport is also required if you are flying between Canada and another country. Be sure to check with your airline in advance, but most airlines allow passengers from other countries to enter using their international passports rather than one issued by Canada.

Specific Requirements for each citizenship

Canada provides visa services to citizens of countries around the world, and it’s important to have an understanding of your specific requirements before you apply. If you are from a country with one of Canada’s visa-free agreements, then you don’t need any extra documentation to get your tourist visa. However, if your home country is not on that list—and most European countries aren’t—then you must provide certain documents when applying.

The application process

If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada, it’s important to make sure you apply with all of your personal documents. If something is missing, your application will be delayed. Your birth certificate and marriage license are important pieces of paperwork that must be translated into English (or French) by an official translator and will then need to be notarized at a Notary Public office. Once you’ve gathered all of your information, you can apply online at Immigration Canada’s website. While doing so from inside Canada is easier, if you’re planning on applying from abroad, it may take up to six months for your application to be processed once submitted. Canada Visa for Portuguese Citizens

Where to apply in person

You can apply in person at a Canadian visa office in one of these countries. You can only apply in person if you already live there. You can’t apply at an embassy or consulate outside your home country. There are several offices across each of these countries, but you should call ahead to make sure your city has an office. The contact information is

How long does it take?

The processing time of your Canada visa application can vary depending on which country you live in. However, we’ve noticed that those from European countries seem to have an easier time getting their applications approved compared to other nationalities. In fact, Portugal and The Netherlands are two of the EU member states whose citizens have been receiving their visas faster than other nationalities. An average number of days for visa approval is about 10-15 business days (6 weeks). Another thing to note is that if you apply during high seasons, such as July and August, there is an increased chance that your application will be delayed due to an increase in applicant traffic. To avoid delays, it’s important to apply early—even several months before you plan on taking your trip.

Fees and documents required

When applying for a Canada visa from Portugal, you must present a valid passport; proof of sufficient funds to support yourself and family members during your stay in Canada (financial statements); proof of health insurance that covers hospitalization and repatriation costs (health insurance card). If applicable, also present proof of your spouse’s legal status in Canada. For detailed information on what documents are required when applying for Canadian visas please visit Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s website.