Applying for an American Visa as a French or Italian Citizen

If you’re a citizen of an EU country and you want to visit the United States, you should find out if you need to apply for an American visa in order to do so. Your French or Italian passport doesn’t automatically grant you access to the United States; there are several circumstances that might require an American visa, so be sure to check the criteria before assuming that your passport is sufficient documentation. If it turns out that you do need a visa, it’s important to choose your application method carefully; there are multiple types of visas available, each with its own eligibility requirements and application process.

What do I need to know about visa requirements?

Visa requirements can vary, depending on your nationality and country of residence. France and Italy are both part of what’s known as the Schengen Area, which is a group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport control between each other. This means if you’re traveling from France to Italy and vice versa, you won’t need to show border agents your passport. However, if you plan on traveling outside Schengen Area—even just to Switzerland—you will need a passport and visa that permits entry into these other countries. Citizens of Schengen Area countries are able to obtain short-term tourist visas with relatively minimal hassle; however, many other European nationals can struggle with long lines and complicated paperwork when applying for U.S. visas in their home countries. America Visa for Italian Citizens

What documents will I need to complete my application?

The documents required to apply for an American visa vary depending on whether you’re traveling to America as a tourist, diplomat, or on business. However, all applicants are expected to present at least one primary and one secondary form of identification along with proof of legal residency in their country of origin. These guidelines generally hold true whether you’re applying from France or Italy—so long as you can prove that you legally reside in your respective country. Fortunately, there is no specific list of documents required by each consulate (or embassy), so we’ve put together a broad overview that may help you answer some general questions about what kinds of documents will be needed when applying for your first American visa.

Where do I apply?

If you’re applying from Italy, you’ll want to apply at your nearest Italian consulate. If you’re applying from France, your nearest French consulate will also be able to take care of business. When you walk in, be sure to bring all pertinent documentation: application forms (most consulates have them online), passport photos, proof of funds, and other relevant documents such as diplomas, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. If all goes well with your application, expect it to take up to 90 days before your new visa is ready.

Other Services That Might Help Me Through the Process

If you’re a citizen of France or Italy, you don’t have to worry about applying for a visa at all—you’re exempt. Even so, there are other services that might help you through the process—particularly if you aren’t fluent in English. For example, lawyers and notaries can aid in drafting your application documents and liaising with embassy staff on your behalf. Look up local options before starting your application to see if one of these services might be helpful in streamlining your paperwork and making sure it comes across clearly. You may even want to consult them during each step of filing just to get extra support through each step of the process. America Visa for French Citizens

How long will it take to process my visa application?

It depends on where you’re traveling from and which country you’re in. It also depends on if you apply to your consulate, embassy, or to a visa application center. In any case, it will likely take at least two months to process an application. However, once you reach your destination country, it could take another two weeks for it to be approved. If things go smoothly and there are no issues with your papers, it should only take about six weeks from start to finish.