Benefits of SBI simplyCLICK credit card

The SBI simplyCLICK credit card is aimed for a younger demographic. For starters, it is a credit card designed specifically for internet shoppers. Furthermore, the card comes with a slew of intriguing features, including as e-commerce incentives, milestone perks, and annual fee waivers.

This site is for you if you are a shopaholic. In this article, we will discuss a credit card that offers incentives for online purchasing. So, let’s discuss about the SBI simplyCLICK credit card features and expenses.

Benefits of the SBI Annual Fee Reversal for SimplyCLICK credit cards:

Annual Fee Reversal:

Spend Rs 1,000,000 and have your SimplyCLICK card’s yearly charge of Rs 499 waived the next year.

E-Commerce Benefits:

You may earn 10X rewards on online purchases made through partner websites. Amazon, Apollo24X7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Eazydiner, Lenskart, and Netmeds are a few examples.

The benefits of internet buying include:

You may earn 5x rewards on all other online purchases.

You may also get 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent on all other purchases.

Login Bonus:

When you sign up, you will receive a Rs.500 gift card.

Milestone Bonuses:

On yearly online expenditure of Rs.1 lakh, you earn an e-voucher worth Rs.2,000; on spending of Rs.2 lakh, you win an e-voucher for Rs.2,000.

Waiver of the fuel surcharge:

If you spend between Rs 500 and Rs 3000, you will receive a 1% fuel cost waiver (exclusive of GST, wherever applicable, & all other charges). The maximum fee waiver, however, is Rs 100 every statement cycle, per credit card account.

Technology for contactless cards:

It means that you may complete your transaction by waving your card at a secure reader. This technology guarantees that your card never leaves your palm when performing a transaction, reducing the risk of loss and fraud due to card skimming (counterfeit).

This technology also makes the transaction more safe, easy, and quick.

Acceptance throughout the world:

The SBI SimplyCLICK card is accepted at over 24 million locations globally, including 3.25,000 in India. As a result, you may use your card to pay at any merchant that takes Visa or MasterCard.

Cards for Extras:

Add-on cards are extra cards that you may give to anybody you wish. SimplyCLICK SBI Card comes with add-on cards for your parents, spouse, children, or siblings over the age of 18.

Utility Bill Payment Service:

Using the SBI SimplyCLICK credit card’s Easy Bill Pay function, you may pay your power, telephone, cell phone, and other utility bills. While paying your credit card bills, you can save money. Transfer outstanding balances from other banks’ credit cards to the SBI simplyCLICK credit card. This allows you to obtain the loan at a cheaper interest rate and repay it in monthly instalments.

Charges Against SBI simplyCLICK on the credit card:

Charges per year:

Annual costs are one-time fees that must be paid at the time of registration. The card has an annual fee of Rs.499.

Fees for renewal:

The renewal cost is the card’s annual fee. An yearly fee of Rs.499 is required for card renewal. The charge must be paid beginning with the second year. However, if you spent Rs.100,000 or more the previous year, you can have the renewal price waived.

To summarise:

The SBI simplyCLICK credit card is the finest credit card for online purchases. They provide many advantages in E-commerce and other areas. If you are searching for a credit card that offers a number of rewards, you may apply for an SBI simplyCLICK credit card. For any query related to SBI credit card, you can complaint your issues to the SBI customer care and contact the customer care toll freeĀ  sbi complaint number. . However, before applying for the card, be sure to compare the offers with other cards in order to make an educated selection.