Indian Visa FAQ and Indian Visa Information

“India Visa Information” is a website that provides information about the Indian visa process. This article provides basic questions and answers about the Indian Visa application. What is an Indian Visa? An Indian visa is a document issued by an Indian consulate authorizing a foreigner to visit, work, study or stay in India for a … Read more

India Revokes Visa Restrictions on Finland and Iceland Citizens

India recently opened its doors for its citizens living in Finland and Iceland by repealing their visa restrictions. United Nations Meeting on the Threat to International Peace India has revoked visa restrictions on citizens of Finland and Iceland, effective immediately. The move comes just days after the two countries co-hosted a United Nations meeting on … Read more

USA Visa for British Citizens


It is a common misconception that all British citizens must have a US visa, or as the Americans call it, a “US Visa”. However, this is not true; unless you are traveling to the US from another country with a visa, you can enter the US without one. If you want to travel to one … Read more