Complete Guide and Benefits of dry ice machines

Dry ice machines are a specialized industrial system for the mass production of dry ice. According to the user’s production needs, they can customize the parameters of the production degree and the quantity of CO2 dry ice produced. Dry ice production is an important procedure to create materials for dry ice blasters to smooth machine surfaces or molds

How does a dry ice machine work?

Essentially, a dry ice machine works at the identical primary principle as growing a CO2 section extrude, by changing the gas into a liquid shape and passing it thru a growth valve that lets in the CO2 gas to expand. At atmospheric stress, the gas forms and produces dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). The heat of vaporization from the section transition is used for the next dry ice manufacturing (in larger, greater complicated production centers) or launched into the atmosphere (in smaller units with less complicated designs and decreased yields).These dry ice production machines are available in distinct sizes relying on the extent and amount of dry ice produced, normally in kilograms/hour or lbs/hour.

Additionally, to provide excellent fine dry ice, we want to recognize the CO2 inlet stress specification in stress gadgets together with bar or psi. The greater liquid CO2 is consumed in the dry ice production procedure, the better the density of the dry ice, the much less unstable the ice is, and the greater powerful the cleansing fine of the dry ice.

Many dry ice machines are designed to function with liquid carbon dioxide saved in tanks and transported in pressurized tanks by truck or rail vehicle.

In different cases, carbon dioxide gas is produced as a by-product of ethanol or ammonia production in dry ice centers close to petroleum or ammonia refineries. This proximity minimizes the value and distance wherein delivery of CO2 may be without difficulty obtained. In those cases, the pipeline may be related at once from the refinery to the dry ice production facility. Some fashions of dry ice machines function in a parallel redundant layout that lets operation continue on one aspect of the machine even as the other aspect is being serviced.

Advantages of Cold Jet Dry Ice Makers

Some of the benefits of Cold Jet’s dry ice maker well worth thinking about are:

  • Can be custom designed according to the amount and fashion of dry ice pellets
  • The production machine can function automatically. Plus, one-button operation for ease of use and short start-up
  • Proprietary cooling technology
  • Quick and automatic extrude of dry ice molds minimizes downtime
  • Designed for uninterrupted operation in the harshest environments

In addition, Specco2 specialists will offer clients advice, thoughts, and directions for dry ice manufacturing, supporting clients’ shops, and optimizing assets as a good deal as possible.

1) Reduced costs

Dry ice cleaning reduces labor costs because it can be done quickly by one person and in significantly less time than conventional manual labor.  This enables a cleaner clean, even in situations that are difficult or unpopular to clean by hand or with other conventional methods.  In some instances, cleaning time will be measured in minutes instead of hours.


2) Improved productivity

Dry ice blasting does not require water or create secondary waste, which allows equipment to be cleaned while hot and online.  This eliminates the need to perform timely equipment disassembly and helps to reduce shut down times.

By cleaning equipment in less time, facilities are able to get more production cycles from existing equipment. Preventive maintenance or spot cleaning can also be done more frequently without impacting production.  This increases tool uptime, which extends production runs and reduces downtime associated with cleaning.


A dry ice device is an exceedingly convenient tool for generating dry ice. Additionally, to provide excessive fine dry ice, clients must bear in mind the Cold Jet product line. The Cold Jet Dry Ice Machine has all of the benefits and functions defined above and deserves to be your top priority in terms of generating dry ice.