Digital KYC Solutions: What’s The Improvement In The Financial Sector?

In the previous years, there were a lot of upgrades introduced in the digital KYC procedure. However, it is still a tricky lace for most financial companies. As per the latest reports, there are positive predictions for online KYC revenue generation. It is also the case that the banking industry experienced a lot of hefty fines for going against the KYC and AML rules and regulations. Besides such heavy fines, there were other consequences. For example, poor brand image, loss of clients, and the lack of compliance with the regulatory authorities. These are some more repercussions of not executing the proper KYC procedure for client identification. 


There have been a number of changes when the pandemic arose so in such cases, the financial sector should be prepared at any cost for the upcoming challenges. 


How To Understand The KYC Services System?


The KYC procedure is an effective identity authentication system that certifies the personal data of the customers so that clients can be eligible for the services provided by the company. This is important to implement in the onboarding procedure and for deterring fraudulent attempts. The upgrade in technology has made the Know Your Customer solution easy to apply to the documents provided by the customer. The evaluations done on the records also link with the facial verification procedures. 


What Is The Recent Situation In KYC Verification Process?

The Changes in the Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations associated with the KYC bank procedures have been updated in the present year. The higher regulatory bodies all around the world have brought the required changes in the laws for creating a proper defense mechanism against financial fraud. The FATF has brought a number of changes in the guidelines which is motivating the UK government to push for the AML act of 2018. The problem in the European region is totally different. However, the two institutions of FINTRAC and AUSTRAC have made the much-needed upgrades in the guidelines that are necessary for the proper functioning of the system otherwise it will be quite hard to prevent fraud in the future. There has been improvement spotted in the Southeast Asian regions regarding these procedures so that they can walk in harmony with the international standards. 


Effective Management of the Customer Expectations


With the changes in the rules and regulations in light of the arrival of the latest software, the needs, demands, and expectations of the clients have changed. With the rising competition, they want more ease and streamlined processes that reduce their working time and increase productivity levels. Otherwise, there are higher chances that the customer will leave the service in between and spread the negative experience in their social circle. As per the given predictions, there should be a smooth authentication process that should still be updated according to the demands of the situations and requirements of the company. So, there should be an element of flexibility introduced in the procedure. 


Advancement through the Automation Procedure for the Customer Onboarding Procedure

The prevalent Digital KYC solutions procedure will show massive automatic processes because the data collection is needed in real-time. All of this is surely dependent upon the advanced technologies available. For instance, the amalgamation of the corporate data provided through UBOs and other relevant information is not required to be entered manually. Likewise, the automation of the KYC procedure is no longer needed because human effort will no longer be required. Human intelligence will then be used somewhere else. The upgrade in the traditional process will give rise to the optimized KYC system that will be updated continuously. 

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Wrapping Up

There have been a number of changes in the KYC solutions verification procedure over the years. The latest AI technology-backed system is in the process that will surely revolutionize the whole working process for the companies and the future tasks will be seamless. It should be kept in mind that fraudulent activities have been increasing with the passage of time, so the demand for automatic processes has increased greatly. With the advent of technology, the competition has also increased which has made it difficult to cater to the needs of the clients. There is a demand for a system which is designed according to the needs of the clients and it also aligns with the given rules and regulations. 


The procedure should be time effective and efficient in working. Hence, there are higher chances that the gradual use of the KYC system will dominate the industry in the coming years.