Top 4 Qualities of a Good Architect in India

Want to become a great architect? If you do, you have reached the right place.  Well, becoming an architect is not a piece of cake as every profession is unique and requires a set of personality traits. Also, like any other field, there is a huge competition here too. So, how can you imbibe outstanding qualities to achieve your desired goal? Well, the answer to this question depends upon YOU.  How familiar are you with architectural design? Do you have a style in mind or are you looking for inspiration? There are many questions and characteristics that will influence your skills and make you a good architect. However, despite an abundance of traits to possess for becoming a great architect throughout the journey, there are some fundamental qualities that a candidate must imbibe that’ll help lay the foundation for orchestrating successful projects and learning new qualities.  Mentioned below are some required attributes a professional architect needs to have according to top architects in India. Creativity One of the biggest qualities an architect can have is creativity. Adding a personal touch and solving problems efficiently related to design, space use, zoning, budgets, and building codes. Creative thinkers can solve such issues quickly in ways that you may have not even considered.  They explore many solutions, then compare them to project requirements and present their final approach with the versions which are most appropriate and inspiring. Hence, be creative and provide better solutions to everyday problems, while paving your way to being a great architect and excelling in the field. Excellent design skills Another trait to possess is a design skill. It is one of the basic attributes of becoming an architect. Now, many newbies think that creating a beautiful design is all about the architecture endgame, but they are wrong. Though you are required to create an aesthetically pleasing design it also needs to be practical and viable. More importantly, your ideas should meet the client’s expectations.  And, the only way to achieve it is by getting enough knowledge and practice in the design process. After this, you will be able to create a blend of visual appeal and functionality to fulfil the needs and desires of the clients. Read also: IFVOD Impeccable communication skills Apart from knowledge, creativity and design skills, an architect should acquire great communication skills. An architect is required to work with both internal and external people. Also, the construction of buildings requires a lot of manpower. This may include engineers, tradesmen, government officials, surveyors, contractors, and lawyers. Dealing with all of them will require impeccable communication and convincing power.  Team working abilities Right after communication is teamwork. It is one of the most important qualities of a professional architect. Since the collaboration with the team is obligated in the daily task, you have to learn and develop better team management ability to work with others in harmony. Remember, great architects, are good listeners and can deal or communicate with other departments in the organization to make successful pitches to the clients. And, this is not a personal effort. It requires synergy. The faster to hone your team working abilities the better will be your architectural experience. Apart from these, there is one more key trait to develop in order to become a great architect– foresight. Several Indian architects believe foresight is an important attribute to imbibe for better decision making, setting the goals and meeting the objectives. In addition, foresight helps in addressing challenges early before they become bigger problems.  Hope this article helps you in getting useful insights into the required attributes of a great architect to excel in the field and deliver your best to the client. Read also: Movieorca