Important Update: All Indian Visa Ports Of Entry & Australian Citizen Travellers

If you are travelling to India from any of the Australian visa ports of entry (Bali, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore), please be aware of an important update. From 1 January 2019, all Indian visa ports of entry will be moved to Chennai.

This means that if you are travelling to India from a visa port other than Chennai, you will need to obtain a new visa at the new location. For Australian citizens travelling to India as tourists, this means that they will now need a tourist visa instead of an e-visa. For more information on how to apply for a tourist visa in India, please see our guide here. INDIAN VISA PORTS OF EXIT

For more information on the Australian citizen traveller update in relation to India, please see the following link:

What is the Current Status of Indian Visa Ports of Entry?

The current status of Indian visa ports of entry is that they are currently closed to all international traffic. This includes both India-Australia and Australia-India visa-exchange services. The Australian government has stated that the reason for this is due to heightened security concerns, specifically around the issue of terrorism.

This means that travellers travelling to India need to take additional steps in order to secure their visas. This can include applying for a visa in advance, travelling through an approved Indian travel agent, or using a pre-cleared travel provider such as Vantage Travel. There is no specific timeline yet for when the ports will reopen, but it is hoped that this will happen sooner rather than later.

What is the Current Status for Australian Citizen Travellers?

According to the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, all ports of entry used by citizens of India for travel to Australia have now been reopened. All other ports of entry used by Indian citizens will reopen once they are deemed safe. This means that Australian citizens travelling to India can now do so without any concerns. INDIAN VISA FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS

There have also been no reports of Indian citizens being detained or denied entry to Australia as a result of this issue. If you are an Australian citizen travelling to India and you experience any issues, please contact the Australian embassy in your country.

How Can I Prepare for the Recent Changes?

If you are travelling to India soon, be aware of some recent changes. From 1 January 2018 all Indian visa ports of entry will require a online application process. Australian citizens travelling to India will also need to present their passport when travelling.

There have been other changes too, so be sure to check the official website for more information:

We would recommend that you book your flights and hotel well in advance if you are planning on visiting India in the near future.