Top Amazon Echo Skills You Need to Try Now

Amazon’s Virtual Assistant took the world by storm when it was first introduced in the market. This is a highly useful innovation, whether you have been an Alexa user for years or are new to the voice-activated app. Since Alexa is found on most smart devices today, the technology is quite simple. All it requires are a smart device, a speaker, and an internet service. Many wonder how Alexa can answer straightforwardly all the questions that it is asked.

That in itself is a simple two-way process, which can be better understood when one learns the right commands to throw over to Alexa and see her tackle them with AI panache! On the other hand, Skills is equivalent to apps, though most of them don’t require installation. Instead, they require the right words and terms said so that the right action can be said. These skills can be activated on any Alexa-enabled device. Once enabled, users can utilize the virtual assistant to their benefit. Read on to find out which skills are worth the hype!

For the Weather

Alexa Skills for the weather are quite decent. Just say ‘Alexa, Big Sky’ to the virtual assistant, and the user will be bombarded with updated info about the weather. It shows weather forecasts, along with rain prediction, humidity levels, wind speed, and the direction of the area. Whereas, the ‘Feel like’ skill is worth a try. It shows the accurate temperature outside, so if you are planning to go cycling at the park, you will know whether the temperature outside is too hot or not.

For Entertainment

Users will be overjoyed at the innumerable options when it comes to Alexa Skills for entertainment. Whether, you want to find movie recommendations, listen to your favorite podcasts, read your child’s favorite fairy tale, or simply enjoy your favorite playlist, there is something for everybody. Simply say, ‘Alexa, find me rom-coms that were recently released’ and enjoy a sentimental movie for your weekly date night. Or say ‘Alexa, find and play Aesop’s Fables’ and let your child enjoy stories of deep wisdom before they go to bed. Just make sure that Select TV is running smoothly with no disruption or glitch at the user end so that Alexa can aptly perform skills for entertainment.

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For Travel

Are you looking to take a trip abroad? If so, then you will definitely like Alexa to help you out a bit. Simply say ‘Alexa, ask where can I go for $700?’ and be surprised by the kind of answers you will get. Or maybe, you have just landed and need a ride back home. In that case, say ‘Alexa ask Lyft to pick me up’. These commands are just to ensure that a user easily performs numerous tasks without depending heavily on their mobile phones.

For Food and Drink

The Alexa Skill for food and drink is perfect for foodies, who enjoy different food and drink pairings to give a unique twist to their meal. Just ask, ‘Alexa, what goes well with chicken tenders’ or ‘Alexa, ask Best Recipes to recommend Italian recipes for lunch’ or ‘Alexa, is Marcel’s open on weekends?’ Try some of these commands and enjoy. You don’t need to enjoy the suggestions recommended but the responses are perfect for brainstorming. And are ideally meant to fill you up with all kinds of ideas.

For Health and Fitness

If you are a fitness freak and enjoy all kinds of fitness programs from cardio to Zumba to yoga, Alexa has skills for you as well! Just ask, ‘Alexa, open yoga sun salutations’ and walk through the yoga practice as if you were in the middle of an actual studio! Use similar commands and explore skills in this domain. On the other hand, if you plan on eating healthy and are looking for clean recipes, just ask ‘Alexa, find me calorie-deficit recipes’ and walk through some of the top picks.

For Simple Everyday Tasks

Users are involved in a gazillion menial tasks that simply cannot be ignored. For instance, if you misplaced your phone and forgot where you kept it last, then all you have to do is say ‘Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder.” If the phone is connected to the internet, it will not take much long for Alexa to find the phone, which will start ringing once it’s located. However, if the opposite happens, then simply follow the information on the skill page.

For Household Chores

If you are a neat freak like Danny Tanner from the hit TV series of the 1980s, Full House, you probably enjoy cleaning and vacuuming your space as much as possible. Simply say “Alexa, ask Roborock to start cleaning.” And enjoy your favorite chore. What’s more, it doesn’t only do the cleaning part. It can self-clean and return to its charging station as well.

Wrapping Up

Alexa Skills may initially intimidate any user, who is not familiar with the various commands and don’t know where to begin. But this is a starter’s list that you can give a try, especially if you are new to the whole voice assistant scenario.