Turkey Visa for US Citizens

Turkey is known worldwide as one of the most exotic and beautiful places in the world and with so many things to do and see, it’s no wonder that people from all over the world are choosing Turkey as their next holiday destination, including Americans. But what should US citizens know about getting a visa for Turkey? How does it work? And why would you need one? Here are some answers to those questions. The process of obtaining a visa for Turkey depends on your nationality and whether or not you’re already inside the country or outside it when you apply.

How Do I Get an Electronic Travel Authorization?

If you’re traveling to Turkey from a visa-exempt country, or if you’re not sure whether your nationality requires a visa, you must apply online for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before boarding your flight. Eligible travelers may receive their travel authorization as early as five days prior to travel. Once approved, it is valid for five years or until your passport expires—whichever comes first. Here’s how it works: eTA screening is done before boarding your flight; most applications are processed within minutes and approved electronically without requiring an in-person interview with a consulate official. TURKEY VISA FOR US CITIZENS

How Much Does an ETA Cost?

An ETA can be bought for just 5 USD. The cost of an ETA is not refundable and it is non-transferable. It does not include other visa fees or services. The maximum stay for nationals of the United States to enter Turkey with a valid ETA is 30 days, starting from the day of arrival. The visa may be used multiple times until its expiry date; however, you cannot spend more than 60 days in a 180-day period within a single entry.

What Is Required To Get An ETA?

Before you apply, make sure you have everything together. Your passport has to be valid at least 6 months after your return date and has to have 2 blank pages (it will be stamped) in it. You need a valid credit card with a max of $5,000 on it (it will be charged when you apply). You also must provide proof of travel insurance that covers medical emergencies. If you’re traveling with family members, they must provide proof as well. They can do so by signing an attached form or getting their own separate policy. TURKEY VISA FROM AMERICA

Where Can I Apply For An ETA?

Before applying for an ETA, make sure you have made a confirmed flight reservation with your airline. If you booked your flight through a travel agent, then contact them. Otherwise, go to one of these websites: Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines. You will need to fill out an online application, as well as upload a copy of your passport. Once you’ve done that and paid $20 USD in addition to any other required fees (that depends on your nationality), you should receive an email from Turkish immigration shortly thereafter; it will include further instructions about how to proceed with obtaining your visa online and at the airport when you arrive in Turkey.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For An ETA?

In most instances, you will need to schedule an appointment at a Turkish consulate before you can apply. Once your scheduled date arrives, you’ll need to bring a few documents with you such as your passport, a copy of your travel itinerary, and proof of residency (in some cases). You should also make sure that you have three passport-sized photos on hand. Although there are exceptions to these requirements in some countries, it is always best to check with Turkish authorities before visiting a consulate in person.

Is There A Way To Get Around The Electronic Travel Authorization Requirement?

Electronic travel authorization (eTA) is a new requirement that all Canadian citizens need to obtain before traveling to Canada by air. The eTA replaces, starting May 1, 2016, both the paper visa and passport stamp. It also applies to anyone who already has a valid Canadian visa or immigration document and plans to travel by air to Canada on or after April 1, 2016. All visitors need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) when they fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include the U.S.

What If I Want To Visit A Turkish Consulate Instead Of Applying Online?

There are Turkish consulates in several major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Houston. While you can apply online (if you prefer to not visit a consulate), keep in mind that your visa application is more likely to be approved if it’s accompanied by a handwritten signature. If you decide to mail your documents in yourself, remember that they must be postmarked from inside Turkey; otherwise, they will be sent back to you unprocessed. The same rule applies if you hand-deliver them at an embassy or consulate in the U.S.